Video: Mo Kolours – Orphans Lament

Mo Kolours new album Texture Like Sun is one of the year’s standouts, and if you haven’t yet heard it, head here to do so. Having shared the lead track “Orphans Lament” not too long ago, Mo has treated us to that track’s music video.

The directors, Business Company, describe the video as “a three minute anthropological study of a made up world, a flight of fancy across segregated societies – each engrossed in their own cultural habits. The rituals of each society are based on the axioms laid out in Mo’s lyrics. The feel and colour reflect the ebb and flow of his music. The two of us didn’t want our ideas to be limited by budget, so we conceived, built, sowed, directed, acted, and shot the entire thing by ourselves (with a little help from our friends, for which we are very grateful!)”

Take a look above!

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