New Sounds: Jaze Baqti – Stories

Jaze Baqit

Today we’re dropping off one of many gems found on the relatively new EP from Jaze Baqti entitled, Stories. To be honest, we’re a little late on posting this track as the young French jazz enthusiast already released another EP in the space of a few short weeks. Two things that are always constant in the music he puts out, first it’s always different from the last, and secondly it sounds like nothing else like it around at the moment. Baqti’s ability to straddle multiple genres and styles make him one of the most versatile and interesting artist bubbling in the underground right now. If you’re new to Baqti why don’t you get acquainted and take a peek at his Bandcamp page?! Stream Stories below and get lost in the vibe. Oh, and a special mention to Christian Vey, that artwork is pretty dope!


Baqit - Stories

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