Audio/Visual: Mizan – 7 Billion

New York-based songwriter and artist, Mizan is back with another intriguing effort. It’s called, “7 Billion” a reflective song in which she declares “I’m the center of my world, but 7 billion have a say, 7 billion have a heart, 7 billion find a way.” Mizan’s vocals sound fragile and weary while a haunting and eerie piano floats quietly in the background.

“I shot the videos to all my songs with the help of friends, with little money and under weird circumstances.  The whole EP has been a little DIY project of mine that I am ashamed of at this point, but still love very much. I love reading, I love making short films on 16mm. Generally speaking, racism and patriarchy make me want to kill myself so I’m mostly in love with making music that uplifts people and lets them know they are not alone.” Mizan

Big fan of this, it’ll grow and grow on you until you’re addicted. Watch the lonesome visual above and listen to the somber track below.

Mizan’s Dark Blue EP is out November 6th via Terrible Records

CF Smith

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