Album Of The Week: Kadhja Bonet – The Visitor EP

Khadja Bonet- The Visitor

We’ve been digging Kadhja Bonet for a while now here at Twistedsoul so when I finally got my hands on her, first EP I knew it would be special. First off, the production is wonderful. Together with Itai Shapira, who forms the other half of her new project Genesea, the pair creates impeccably crafted exciting pieces of music.

All of the songs have a wistful, dreamy feel. It’s a delicate sound that blends perfectly with her airy vocals. She had me hooked with the opening track, ” Earth Birth” with its thumping percussion backed by twinkling electronics.

A suitable introduction that leads us into the rest of the project. Shortly after, you get to recent single “Honeycomb”. “It’s a song about being a fish after bait – with the abrupt discovery that there is a hook in your mouth, and you can no longer breathe.”

There’s nothing not to love about “Fair Weather Friend” and “Portrait Of Tracey” both mystical productions where Bonet light tones float easily in and out of the shifting musical elements

I’m seriously vibing on the sensual cosmic jazz/folk of “Gramma Honey” and my personal favourite “The Visitor.”

The Visitor is a more than impressive debut offering that absorbs the listener and leaves us wanting more. I’m looking forward to an official album. Listen and let Kadhja Bonet take you to places that you didn’t know existed.




The Visitor is out now, purchase here

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