Audio: Kojey Radical – Open Hand

Kojey Radical - Open Hand

Kojey Radical unleashes his dark side on a new record titled “Open Hand”.

A prevalent call to arms, this new track fearlessly details ideas of social separation through class and race.

Enlisting the skills of London producer New Machine “Open Hand” is enthralling, with thumping African toms, menacing vocals and thought-provoking lyricism.

Speaking to The Fader he explained the message behind the song.

“I’ve been getting this ‘king’ status attached to my name a lot recently. “It’s something I’ve struggled to accept because I feel as if I’m on the ground with the people. Quite frankly, people are afraid. Speaking your mind instantly attaches a stigma to your intent; because of that, the initial point gets lost while you battle to be perceived in a certain way. I do not care how people perceive me, not even a little bit. I will always speak my truth when I feel it needs to be heard.

“We’re in a very delicate time where even the word ‘black’ is treated with a level of sensitivity because of how we’ve been conditioned to think. The revolution is not in the closed fist, it’s in the open hand, because an open hand represents acceptance. Something we all need to learn to embrace.”

Get stuck into what the London based poet is creating below.

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