Kelela Details Hallucinogen EP, Shares “Rewind”

Kelela details Hallucinogen EP, shares “Rewind” We’ve not stopped bumping this track since Kelela dropped it a few hours ago. The singer’s eagerly-awaited Hallucinogen EP, which had been previously set to drop in May, is now due to hit shelves on October 9th through Cherry Coffee/Warp Records.

The singer described Hallucinogen as “a departure from what you heard on the mixtape [Cut 4 Me]. It’s glossy, and it’s more hip-hop-based.” “Rewind” is bouncy, futuristic R&B, with enough clever hooks to make it a pop-crossover.

It’s the second track from her forthcoming Hallucinogen, co-produced by Kelela, Kingdom & Nugget, the singer had this to say about the song: “It speaks to the narcotic that is loving someone. It makes you exhilarated; it makes you feel drained, it’s in your body, and it affects you so completely.”

Take a little break and vibe to this…


1. ‘A Message’

2. ‘Gomenasai’

3. ‘Rewind’

4. ‘All The Way Down’

5. ‘Hallucinogen’ 6. ‘The High’

Hallucinogen is out October 9th, pre-order (here)

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