Dewy Sinatra Guest Mix

Dewy Sinatra Guest Mix

Dewy Sinatra first hit our radars courtesy of an email submission from the man himself. Impressing with his single “Questions” We’ve become big fans of his self-styled “Music that sounds like 4 am” sound.

After a stellar debut EP and two further singles, we thought now would be as good a time as any to find out a little more about the young London artist. Alongside the music Sinatra kindly agreed to put together for us, he also took the time to write about the various tracks included in the mix.

His music touches on many genres from of RnB, electronic, hip hop, and indie-pop, making Sinatra an artist who is impossible to pigeonhole and the perfect candidate for a real eclectic mix.


Lotus Flower by Radiohead – It was my manager who got me into Radiohead actually and been hooked ever since, this baseline is possibly one of my favs of all time alongside Feel Good by Gorillaz and Billie Jean. Constant staple in my car!

Tonight by Lykke Li – One of the most beautiful and touching ballads I’ve ever heard there’s a great sense of vulnerability that I hope to capture in my own music one day.

Station by Lapsley – Absolutely love this song so intimate and conversational always puts me in a chill mood whenever I play this, and her use of voice pitch manipulation is awesome on this.

I am a loner by Wray – This is a pretty new song in my rotation but the moment I heard it I fell in love with it, so minimal but still direct and the lyrics just strike a chord with me.

Baby One More Time (Cover) by MIYNT – The best cover of this song hands down, I love how she brings to light the dark undertone of the lyrics and shows how sad the song really is and how beautiful it can be.

Old Oak by HNTR – I heard about these guys because they were on before me at the first gig I played, and they are amazing live, and this is such an amazing song, so honest and poignant listen to this song a lot and just love the way that “cocaine in the middle” line hits!

Something About Us by Daft Punk – This tune is amazingly groovy and simple but still resonate strongly with me, and bring back fond memories of driving with a good friend of mine she got me into this song makes me think of her.

Cavalier by James Vincent McMorrow – the vocal performance on this is just next level, and the way the song continues to build into this explosion of melody, falsetto and emotion is phenomenal, the kind of song that makes you want to reminisce about a past love and fall in love all over again with someone new.

Say You Will by Kanye West – 808’s was my favourite Kanye album, and I love how raw and minimal this song is, its the album that started to guide me in the direction I chose musically and I will always love this song its all about feeling and nothing else.

Angels by The XX – Such a simple guitar riff with so much behind it, I love minimal electronic music and for me this song is the epitome of that so much space for you just to float away in.

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