Audio: Daymé Arocena – Don’t Unplug My Body (Original & Atjazz Astro Dub)


Daymé Arocena, the rising Cuban Santeria priestess, continues to amass a loving following far and wide from her infectious exuberance apparent in her devotion to music and performance. At just 23 years old, the singer, composer, arranger, choir director and band leader is a skilful, charismatic presence in Cuban music. She sings the chants and song repertoires, but also absorbs music of any kind, particularly jazz and Cuban neo-soul.

Prolific DJ, producer and label owner Atjazz, Martin Iveson, internationally revered both solo and collaboratively, now adds Daymé Arocena to his impressive roster of collaborations. Having reworked and remixed for the likes of Nitin Sawhney, Bob Sinclar, Zara Macfarlane, Jazzanova, Zed Bias and Omar, Atjazz’s ability to invoke something distinct yet intwined with the original in his remixes is consistently apparent. The label, Atjazz Record Company, consisting largely of Iveson’s production and collaborations, is a continuation of his trademark sound.

Daymé’s track Don’t Unplug My Body, from her well received debut album earlier this year ‘Nueva Era’, is the focus of Atjazz’s remix for this forthcoming digital release. Atjazz’s masterful production touch paired with Daymé’s vocals makes for a perfect match.

Atjazz’s ’Astro Dub’ of the track chops Daymé’s improvised melodic vocals in the build up, layered with a creeping keys loop. The track descends into a heavy concoction of bass-led house grooves met with injections of melodic feeling in the soothing and vivacious chants of Arocena.



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