Today’s Artist: ROSEAU

Roseau - New Glass/ See You Soon

ROSEAU has made quite a buzz recently, and rightly so. After dropping “New Glass” back in June, she returns with “See You Soon.”

“Dogtanion initially produced this track for a project we were planning outside of ROSEAU but I felt so connected to it, it ended up having a place on the album. We wrote See You Soon together and decided it would work well as a duet. Lyrically this song means a huge deal to me as it was written in the midst of big changes in my life.”

The track is lifted off her debut full-length album, Salt, which embodies her enchanting, unusual melding of the intimate and the elemental; take a listen to both tracks below.

Just over a month to go until Salt is unveiled in full, but for now, enjoy this!

1. Salt
2. Kids and Drunks
3. New Glass
4. See You Soon
5. Florida
6. Grab
7. Hot Box
8. Accelerate
9. You Don’t Know
10. Alright
11. Lunch



‘Salt’, released 18th September 2015 via Big Dada (buy)

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