Listen: Blue Daisy ft Connie Constance – Alone

Blue Daisy - Alone ft. Connie Constance

Blue Daisy’s recent pairing with Connie Constance excited a lot of folk a few weeks back (myself included) and the pair team up again on “Alone.”

Blue Daisy: “‘Alone’ is about the realisation of what’s really real within our existence, the two main facts in life is that we are born and then we die, with that come love and loss – but above all, all we really have in this world is us, me, you, him, her.”

The eerie production, as well as Blue Daisy voice, can potentially leave you feeling a little uneasy, but not for too long though as Connie Constance delicate vocals adds a certain warmth to the track.

Blue Daisy has created a track that is captivating and enigmatic full of unraveling suspense and emotion.



“Darker Than Blue” is due on R&S Records September 25th (pre-order)

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