Audio/Visual: Swindle – London To LA Ft. Ash Riser

London-based musician Swindle has revealed the first track from his forthcoming album Peace, Love & Music, the follow-up to his much-loved Long Live the Jazz from 2013.

The album is the result of Swindle’s experiences touring globally over the past two years. Constantly meeting other talented musicians and seeing new places helped naturally form an album that brings together friends and family from across the world together.

“I spent 2 months of 2014 living in L.A. and this track is the representation of my time there,” Swindle told The FADER. “For the video, I really wanted put light on just how many great people and places music has introduced me to along the way… London to L.A. and everywhere in between!” Watch the video above, and find out where you can catch Swindle on yet more of his travels.

On London To LA, Swindle continues on the jazzy path that his records on Brownswood and Deep Medi put him on the map for, but expands on the live instrumentation, along with raspy vocals from Ash Riser.

Watch the video for new cut London To LA above and stream the track below.

Peace, Love & Music is out on 25th September via Butterz (pre-order)

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