Listen To Connie Constance’s Dark Yet Utterly Compelling Debut Song

Connie Constance - Stars

Introducing Connie Constance and her Blue Daisy produced debut song “Stars,” a dark yet utterly compelling song. Her music is a blend of experimental electronics and pop, mixed with dark lyrics that carry through fluidly with raw emotion. The singer makes her first splash by allowing her soulful vocals to take centre stage, as Blue Daisy provides a sparse soundscape to create a gloomy atmosphere.

On working with Blue Daisy, Connie had this to say:

“Imagine your uncle is god and he only lets the people who enter his heaven know who he really is. (His heaven being a dark and cave-like studio filled with stories of the utmost enjoyment of solitude). That’s what working with Blue is like.”

Constance’s debut EP “In The Grass” is due for release via Black Acre on September 25th.

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