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Deburit - Outside The Line

Over the past month or so, French producer DJ and instrumentalist Débruit has been taking off the layers from her forthcoming album called “Outside The Line”, out next week. The musical explorer continues to branch out in his artistry weaving multiple genres into his compositions. His music is electronic but with a human feel; it explores complementary culture clashes, combining elements that have never existed together before.

“I wanted to make some cold sounding African music, from an imaginary place where ancient West Africa cohabits with 80’s New York”


On “Separated Together” Débruit keeps things minimal combining woozy synth loops and soaring chants.  For “Shock” think ’80s New York underground stylings of ESG, while the hypnotic synth hook can be understood equally as a nod to west African musical tradition and as a fanfare to distant, outer space future. “Transverse” is cold sounding African-influenced electronic music with an irresistible groove.

Take a listen below, and be sure to give Outside The Line a spin when it drops next week.



1. Drift
2. Separated Together
3. Stand Up
4. Shock
5. Percute
6. Transverse
7. Desert Dream
8. Dundun
9. MZB
10. Synthetic Dust
11. Am Am


Outside The Line is out June 15th on ICI (pre-order)

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