Between The Cracks: 5 New Releases You Need To Hear

Between The Cracks

With so much good music coming through thick and fast, it’s easy for new music to drop online and go unnoticed. To help prevent this, we’ve picked 5 releases you need to hear. Stream music from Mocky, Piscean Group, Michal Menert, Trails and Ways and Jaja Jazzist. If you like what you hear support the artist.


Mocky – Living Time (The Moxtape Vol. 2)

Gonna keep this one nice and short and say that it’s amazlingly good. Press play and enjoy.




Piscean Group – Original Soundtrack

Piscean Group originally formed as part of an astrological union founding members and initial line up Sir Robert & Osunlade share. Since its conception, Osunlade has created an open coalition of musicians from his childhood home St Louis. As an open forum, the group has no real members and is a voice for all writers, musicians and performers alike. The non-credit of participants gives the groups identity a backseat to the sheer pleasure of the music.

This movement proves to be the start of a long musical journey. Whether a Pisces or not, this will set your mood and elevate your spirit.




Michal Menert – Spacejazz

Michal Menert is an electronic music artist and producer based in Denver, Colorado. A multi-instrumentalist, he incorporates live guitar and keys into his final production for a full sound and rich feel. By tapping into the world of music that surrounds him, Menert twists and turns day-to-day inspirations into music that is all his own.

Buy (Name Your Price)



Trails and Ways – Pathology

Formed in Oakland, but equally inspired by time spent in places like Brazil and Spain, Trails and Ways debut album is choke full of sun-drenched piece indie-pop. The album is a work of multiple hands, multiple hearts, and multiple voices — vibrant, emotional, political and personal. It reckons with social and ecological crises, but with music that’s personal and joyful in a way that most “political” or “activist” bands rarely are. All in all, a brilliant first LP, listen up!




Jaga Jazzist – Starfire

Starfire is a beautiful, visceral, utterly exhilarating piece of work that keeps spiralling up and away, structurally complex, musically rigorous, but without ever losing touch with a certain earthy sensuality and human sympathy. It could just be Jaga’s masterpiece. Worth checking out  for “Big City Music” alone!



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