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j Davey - POMP

After what feels like forever(it’s been well over three years), LA duo J*Davey drop their long-awaited EP. Continuing on from 2011’s “New Designer Drug,″ vocalist Jack Davey and producer Brook D’Leau explore their own unique sound that doesn’t quite fall into any one genre. POMP, as its title implies, is intended to be a big deal. Thankfully, D’Leau and Davey’s return is a triumphant one, with an EP boasting a J*Davey sound that’s both refined and distilled down to its most potent elements of sex and synths — except now with a healthy dose of maturity and introspection. POMP will leave you wanting more, but for now tuck into this delicious treat. All in all, a fabulous return from the duo. Listen to the EP below, and welcome back, J*Davey. Here’s hoping an album’s on the way too…


1.Bit Of Banter Intro
2.Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda
3.Strong Anticipation
5.Just Eating Some Chips
6.High On Life
7.For Love
8.Bit Of Banter Outro

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