Stream And Download OSHUN’s Asase Yaa Mixtape


We first discovered Niambi Sala and Thandiwe aka OSHUN via Okayplayer late last year and been checking them ever since. The duo dropped a four track intro AFAHYE EP in March last year and have released a few loose tracks while working towards the release of their debut mixtape.  Last week the pair unveiled their 12-track mixtape ASASE YAA and after listening I was left wondering, how is this a mixtape and not an album? It’s that good. The duo have been described as Floetry meets Lauryn Hill while I don’t disagree with the comparison, Niambi and Thandiwe are carving out their own, very distinctive musical lane. Very thought-provoking, political lyrics combine with 90s R&B and hip-hop but with a contemporary twist. A few of my favorite tracks are “The Next Day”, “Protect Your Self”, “His (Honey)/Oxum”, “Gods” and “FUVK”. Tuck in below and download here.

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