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One of our favourite singers, ESKA has lovingly curated a playlist called ‘Summer in London.‘ We fell in love with ESKA when she featured on Morgan Zarate’s “Sticks and Stones” single back in 2008 and have tracked her ever since. With her brilliant debut album just around the corner, 2015 is looking like a big year for the singer. On her album she weaves together diverse musical elements – hints of folk, soul, psychedelia, electronica and her playlist is just as diverse. While it doesn’t feel like Summer in London, who cares? The sun is out and we’re delighted to present the playlist from ESKA. Check it out and peep her track by track guide below.

ESKA: “This is an August ‘Summer in London’ Selection; the hours of daylight are getting shorter, the intense gloaming colours at dusk, it’s my birth month so I’m going to be unashamedly nostalgic.”

Space Art – Love Machine

I’m doing the robot dance for my summer baby girl, Wonder. She loves it!

Fleetwood Mac – When I See You Again

​The end of a summer romance. Singing alone and crying to myself, ‘what’s the matter baby?’. I don’t even know what Stevie’s talking about but I feeeeeeel her.

Carry On / Questions – Crosby Stills & Nash

​California sunshine music – fantasising about Woodstock, of course.

Tom Ze – Ma (1st track only – on the album Estudando O Samba)

​Brazilian sunshine music – wishing I was singing in that chorus.

Sly & The Family Stone – Loose Booty

​Oh, to have been on this album session. Too funky for its own good.

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – Ode T’Alex

​The band I would have loved to be in. The band I would have hated to be in. Important to feel a bit of both.

Arthur Verocai – Na Boca Do Sol

​I’m by the ocean, singing in portugese at the top of my lungs. (I can’t speak portugese, by the way).​

Free Design – There Is A Song

​Psychedelic, soulful…and it’s got a recorder in it. Woop!​

Africa – Here I Stand

​Heartachingly good. One of my favourite soul tunes of all time. It’s perfect. I have to thank Otis Marchbank for this discovery.​

Billy Cobham – Heather (track 3 on Crosswinds)

​What a London August sounds and feels like to me.

Oh, when your done with the playlist, i highly suggest you grab her album now, get it HERE.

CF Smith

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