The Rewind No 16: Black Symbol – Black Symbol

Black Symbol

Reggae Archive Records has worked for years releasing vintage music from British Reggae labels and artists. One of their latest releases is from Black Symbol, the unsung heroes of British Reggae. During their heyday in the early 1980s, they not only released a handful of their own songs as singles, now highly sought after, but financed and released the two volumes of ‘Handsworth Explosion’, records that documented and showcased so many talented local acts. Although their reputation within Birmingham was and still is second to none, their self-released records lacked the promotional muscle of major label backing and enjoyed modest sales, not escaping beyond the specialist reggae market. The music itself is roots reggae at its best, clearly British, but firmly anchored to the childhood home of the band’s core members in St Ann’s on Jamaica’s North coast. Although all tracks were recorded at Outlaw Studios in the heart of Birmingham, this music is among the most Jamaican sounding of any British recordings. Listen below and buy via Bandcamp.


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