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I’ve been meaning to post more music from Portico for a few weeks now. While I featured ‘101’ on Twistedsoul, I haven’t kept up-to-date with later releases. Thanks to an email from Tom at Ninja Tune today, I’ve been jolted into action. Apologies for being slack, anyways, the band are gearing up to release ‘Living Fields’ on March 30th. Now, recording as a three-piece after the departure of Keir Vine – who replaced Nick Mulvey in 2011, the three remaining members – Duncan Bellamy, Milo Fitzpatrick, Jack Wyllie – renamed themselves Portico, after 10 years making music together.

They’ve taken their sound in a new direction. Gone are the hang drum, the saxophone and the drum kit with which they first caught the world’s attention. What emerges instead is – put simply – amazing. The people are the same, but the band’s been transformed. The music I’ve heard so far is makes it clear that this is almost entirely new territory for Fitzpatrick, Wyllie and Bellamy. Sparse, immersive, and spectral, it’s an album that is at once substantial and yet insubstantial, capable of absorbing one into an intricate sonic world whose fundamental components seem paradoxically intangible. Excitedly anticipating that forthcoming album ‘Living Fields,’ due out March 30th. Pre-order here.

Take a listen below, and check out the tracklist for ‘Living Fields’ after the SoundCloud player.


01. Void
02. Living Fields
03. 101 – ft Joe Newman
04. Where You Are
05. Atacama – ft Joe Newman
06. Bright Luck
07. Colour Fading
08. Brittle – ft Joe Newman
09. Memory of Newness – ft Jamie Woon
10. Dissolution



Living Fields is released 30th March via Ninjatune (buy)

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