Album Of the Week: Milk & Bone – Little Mourning

milk & Bone

Frequenters of this site will know that we’re strong supporters of Milk & Bone, following a string of impressive singles over the past eight months. The Montreal duo made up of Camile Poliquin and Laurence Lafond-Beaulne, keep things moving with the release of their debut album, Little Mourning.

The pair doesn’t miss a step in easily creating a sound that complements their delicate and haunting vocals. Their sound is as Laurence describes true and raw, often the tracks start slow and build backing the emotionally gripping lyrics. The blend of electronic and live instrumentation gives Milk & Bone a freshness not often found in electronic music.

The eight songs on Little Mourning were written together by Lafond-Beaulne and Poliquin, and as stated in a recent press release: “Milk & Bone’s tightly-knit bond, palpable in concert and throughout the album, is a key part of their creative process.”  

Some of our favorite tracks include “Elephant,” “Pressure,” “New York,” “X” and “Watch.” The sound, atmosphere, and emotion on this album mix well together making their songs captivating.

Overall, Little Mourning is a solid debut with a young, fresh perspective of an established sound.

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