Introducing Dolphin: Recorded over fifty full-length albums and never officially released one. Until now.


Following up a noteworthy first year of releases with  Low Leaf and Coultrain, the Fresh Selects label kicks off 2015 with an exciting new talent. Except in this case – this “new” artist also happens to be somewhat of a veteran.

The anomaly in question is Dolphin – a prolific outsider artist based in Baltimore. He has written and recorded over 50 full-length albums over the past 10 years or so – and has never officially released a single one of them. Until now.

To ease things into the barrage of music to come, he presents “Young Black Mind” – a 7 minute anthem that is as much autobiographical and specific as it is universal and ubiquitous. As he does on all his songs – Dolphin wrote, produced, recorded & played all the instruments on the track himself (in this case being vocals, piano, strings, bass guitar, and the MPC for drums). The song serves as a strong, yet mere “tip of the iceberg,” introduction to the wholly original sound that Dolphin has cultivated and developed over all these years.

It’s an amazing introduction into what this artist has to offer. I see great things coming. Check him out and support.

Photo by Raheel Bear

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