Album Of The Week: Via Tania and the Tomorrow Music Orchestra

Via Tania

Following up her 2009 album, Moon Sweet Moon, Via Tania takes things to another level with the beautifully tremendous Via Tania and the Tomorrow Music Orchestra.

From the smoky slowburn of “I See You Tiger,” to the delicate pop mischief of “In the Air,” to the almost retro-Disney confection of “Where Would We Be,” the album is marked by a new yet vulnerable approach, led by the disarming and beautiful vocal stylization of the lead singer.

“This record was something that had started to make itself in a way,” says co-producer Charles Rumback. “We knew we would be recording some time down the road when we were touring, and as the music changed, the evolution of the music took a new shape. I left the first sessions so inspired. Time passed, and Tania moved back to Australia, and it was a project that I was beginning to think would never see the light of day. I’m so happy it’s finally out there.” Much of the album was funded on Indiegogo. In Tania’s own words, “I love that it’s 100% community driven, involving those who enjoy making something real happen for an artist and watching it unfold. It’s the opposite of what I’ve experienced during my career in the music ‘industry’, never knowing who really gave a hoot.”

It’s hard to pick a favorite on this album when you’ve got gems like “I See You Tiger”, “Moon Bow”, “In The Air”, “Some Other Way” and “Where Would We Be” to compare. So I won’t bother.

So glad to see her back after a lengthy hiatus, easily one of the best albums so far this year!

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