Twistedsoul Monday Mix #9 : Leiik Mix


One of our favourite new discoveries of 2014, Leiik have lovingly curated (and free for download) a playlist of songs that represent the various influences upon their music.  We’re delighted to present  an exclusive mix from Leiik, which starts off with Twistedsoul favourite, London singer Rosie Lowe and makes its way to Bristol with Tricky, taking plenty of detours around the world along the way.

The duo had this to say about about the mix:

“We have chosen these songs as they represent the various influences upon our music. When we first started writing we were massively interested in trip-hop and replicating that sound, so we listened to a lot of Tricky, Massive Attack and Portishead. In particular, the vocal style throughout this genre was very important to our music.

In terms of production, tracks from our mix like ‘Me & Your Ghost’ and ‘Why I’m So Unhappy’ have really inspired us, especially their use of vocal processing and attention to detail.

Within our music, the songs can often be presented in a less ‘song-like’ form and instead as ‘sketches’. In particular, Julia Holter’s music seems to be in this form, blending elements of modern composition throughout her work. If you listen to her entire album ‘Loud City Song’, it feels like film music, a continuous body of work, rather than a set of singles. When we perform live, we play a continuous stream of songs, portraying an ongoing narrative.

We both went to Goldsmiths to study music so have several friends who are also making music. Semi Precious is a very interesting artist and we especially like his looping vocal phrases. This kind of repetition is also apparent within many Leiik tracks. Semi Precious is also a part of the squareglass collective.

We will be featured on the squareglass sampler in April and will release a teaser in May, ahead of our EP release this summer.”

After you’ve enjoyed the mix. Get to know Leiik a bit more by clicking on the links below.

Happy listening!

Me & Your Ghost – Rosie Lowe

Hell Is Round The Corner – Tricky

Inky Sea – Laura Groves

Broken Earth – These Ghosts

He’s Running Through My Eyes – Julia Holter

Why I’m So Unhappy – Dntel

Twins – Gem Club

Friend (Lover) – Evenings

Always Through Glass – Semi Precious

Alone in Kyoto – Air

Photo by Ruthie Woodward

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