The Rewind No 13: Can – Tago Mago

Many Can fans regard Tago Mago – originally released in 1971 – as the group’s finest achievement.’ Tago Mago’ was Can’s third long-player, and the second album to feature the vocals of Damo Suzuki, who took over from Malcolm Mooney. The album consists of intensely rhythmic jazz-inspired drumming, improvised guitar and keyboard soloing, tape edits, and Suzuki’s idiosyncratic vocalisms. 7 huge tracks with the band at their kosmische psychedelic peak through seminal tracks such as ‘Mushroom’ and the side-long pieces ‘Halleluwah’ and ‘Aumgn’. This album and Can have influenced so many acts including – David Bowie, Japan, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Radiohead, Happy Mondays, The Stone Roses, Sonic Youth, Primal Scream etc. A unique recording from a very unique band.

1. Paperhouse
2. Mushroom
3. Oh Yeah
4. Halleluhwah
5. Aumgn
6. Peking O
7. Bring Me Coffee or Tea

CF Smith

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