Marz Leon returns with a stunning new single


Marz Leon has been wooing everyone this year with her cool blend of electronic sounds, that combines dreamy melodies with soft, soulful vocals in the form of her debut EP ‘LONER’. She’s back today with a new track called “Levitation.” It doesn’t have the experimental touches of her other songs-which we loved, it’s much more straightforward, but, it’s probably her best yet. The production by HIGHxLAND can only be described as flawlessly epic, there are many little elements tied into this track, all layered on top of each other and it’s wonderfully executed. Simply masterful, we could play this over and over again…we’ve already played it 10 times in a row and we don’t want to stop. It was simply beautiful!

Also: If you haven’t listened to the ‘LONER‘ EP yet, what are you waiting for?

CF Smith

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