Album Of The Week: Stream and Download the Debut Album from thestand4rd


If you have the talent to catch the ear of super producer Doc McKinney then the expectations of your album would be enormously high. Being that band, thestand4rd, consisting of Allan Kingdom, Psymun, Bobby Raps, and Spooky Black harness their collective talents to the fullest and drop a wildly adventurous album. On their self-titled debut album, the four solo artists come together and combine every influence of their individual interests to create 11-tracks of genre-hopping music that’s hard to pigeon-hole. The relationship between the four makes for good listening for everyone, R&B, hip-hop, electronic, soul, rap, there really is no way to categorise the sound of thestand4rd; and that’s a good thing. This is definitely not a skip through album. Every track is a little piece of them and you need all of them to get the full picture. Listen to the album in full below, or download it for free here.

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