Album Of The Week: Stream And Download Raking The Wind by Body Cheetah


We’ve been digging Body Cheetah for only a few short months here at Twistedsoul. Having spent some time backtracking through some of his earlier work, we’ve been seriously impressed with his wildly inventive output. So when I got my hands on this album I knew it would be special. What you get with this is 13 tracks of vivid lyricism and many different moods. Some moments dreamy like on “Shone” and “L’Oreal (Got Gum?)”. Others, touching like “I’m There” and “Revlon”. You even get some raunchy moments on “Sex Is Yellow”. The production is enigmatic and more organic than his other work, on this album he’s created a truly unconventional album. With this record, Body Cheetah is wasting no time in evolving his sound that remains fresh in the stagnancy of musical genres and as listeners, we can always appreciate constant change. It wasn’t a hard choice to make this our “Album Of The Week”. Check the tracks below to stream Raking The Wind. Download the project via Bandcamp.

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