Melody’s Echo Chamber Returns With New Song “Shirim”


Melody Prochet aka Melody’s Echo Chamber has released the first single since her self-titled debut from back in 2012. “Shirim” is a classic dream pop track, full of jangly guitar chords and 60’s psychedelia vibes that sends you into a giddy fit of glee. The way she’s created a funky yet chilled out vibes with heartfelt sweet vocals is something very special.

In an accompanying note, Prochet wrote, “I’m very happy to share with you today my new single ‘Shirim’. I wrote and produced the song and I’m releasing it myself. ‘Shirim; is very symbolic for me and I hope you enjoy it. I am recording more music now and I will release my second album in 2015. My band and I are very excited to play live again soon!”

Listen to “Shirim” below.

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