Preview Bishop Nehru And MF DOOM’s ‘NehruvianDOOM’ LP With A Free BitTorrent


If your like me and you can’t wait a few weeks for NehruvianDOOM to drop, here’s a preview of the album from Bishop Nehru and MF DOOM. Eighteen year-old Bishop Nehru is quickly climbing the ranks of hip hop, with a sound that harks back to the New York Golden Era and co-signs from Kendrick Lamar and Nas. Nehru’s debut album, NehruvianDOOM, a collaboration with underground hip hop legend MF DOOM, is out September 23rd.

Download the bundle to unlock and get the mp3 and official music video for the Darkness, the first single off NehruvianDOOM. Also included: four mixtapes from Bishop Nehru, exclusive behind-the-scenes video footage, and artwork and photos from the making of the album.

Pre-order NehruvianDOOM from iTunes or pick up the vinyl from the Lex Records Store.

Track List:


1. Intro
2. Om
3. Mean the Most
4. So Alone
5. Coming For You
6. Darkness (HBU)
7. Caskets
8. Great Things
9. Disastrous

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