Audio: DONChristian -Green Dream Prod. Suicideyear


Experimental rapper and singer DonChristian Jones has shared his new track “Green Dream”. Like his recent mixtape, Renzo Piano this one takes heavy influence from R&B. “Green Dream” features an atmospheric production from Suicideyear and somewhat tongue-in-cheek rapping from DonChristian. “It’s satirical in that I’m rapping about luxury and consumer success, of which I know little about,” he explained to Vogue. “I’m coming for the dream that is ‘rap wealth.’ I know cars and money don’t make the man.”

Having previously worked with Mess Kid, Squalladay, and Jeremiah Meece, Jones carries on picking perfect collaborators,and in Suicideyear he may have found the best yet.

Check it out below.

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