Video: I/O- Face With No Name


I remember coming across a beautiful mixtape called Isolation from I/O on Soundcloud back in 2012. Since then he’s given us a few loose tracks here and there. But now he’s back with an intriguing song entitled “Face With No Name.” The somber electronic R&B cut tells of I/O’s frustration with society’s detachment. “This song was inspired by a friend of mine whose life was tragically cut short. I felt that although we are in this era of so much free communication, there’s still such a disconnect between most parts of society,” explained I/O to The Fader about songs the lyrical inspiration. His voice and delivery are undeniable on this as he touches on social issues through his music. No word on when his next full length project will be released, but this song will keep us going. I’ll keep my eye out for more music from him.

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