Umlilo releases new video: Magic Man


Ahead of the release of his Aluta EP, Umlilo has shared the video for the first track off his forthcoming EP, “Magic Man”. The incarnation of Siya Is Your Anarchist, Umlilo blends afro futuristic rhythms and grooves with some future kwaai, dancehall, baroque synth-pop accompanied by his lush vocals.

“Magic Man represents a person’s metamorphosis from a tortured outsider to a fully realised divine being and I wanted the music to reflect the transformation,” says Umlilo. “It’s one of my most personal songs and I wanted to explore the physical struggle in all of us to transcend beyond the ordinary and mundane to become greater people.”

The video sees Umlilo reunite with talented director Jasyn Howes and DOP Nicolas vd Westhuizen, with the avant-garde styling expertise from Art Mataruse, make-up artist Charli Vdr and visuals by Danielle Clough aka Fiance Knowles.

Performers Alex Alfaro and Sheldon Michaels join Umlilo in a dark ritualistic journey to become the ethereal and enigmatic Magic Man who lives on beyond the edges of the norm.

The video is fittingly dark with flamboyant imagery and is just as powerful as the track.

Look out for the Aluta EP to be released on naasMUSIC later this year.


Directed by Jasyn Howes and DOP Nicolas vd Westhuizen,

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