Premiere: Josiah Wise Is The Serpent With Feet-BLACKMAGICKMONDAY NO. 2 MELANCHOLIA


Josiah Wise dropped the second track of his BLACKMAGICKMONDAY series yesterday. Her latest single, following on from last weeks effort, Wise offers another look into of his otherworldly sound and near-flawless vocal delivery. The song entitled ‘Melancholia’ is heading into some dark territories, not pitch black but defiantly a darker shade of pagan. Wise’s alluring falsetto sends shivers down the spine while soft piano keys are played quietly in the background. Brooding and deeply powerful, melancholy music doesn’t get better than this! Trust me…

Have a listen below and be sure to check back for the next instalment.

P.s Josiah also features on Magel The Sophant’s  just released LP, Named On A Tuesday – listen to that track here.

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