Audio: Marcus Alan Ward – Sun Away


Cleveland multi-instrumentalist Marcus Alan Ward continues to surprise and excite us with each new song. This time around it’s “Sun Away” that gives us a push and enchant us inside his experimental sound. Ward describes his new single “Sun Away” as “exploring the overarching themes of love at the subatomic level and self realisation.” The song unfolds a charming melancholy of electrified avant-garde R&B sounds that is an ingenious mixed up with a delicate psychedelic touch and rises gloriously through the flawless production and Wards soft vocals!  Last Night I Grew Tentacles is released on August 12th via Long Division. You can pre-order the album over on Bandcamp.


1: Last Night I Grew Tentacles (A)
2: Shy ( Tunnelling)
3: Like Gold
4: Superposition
5: You Do
6: Sun Away
7: King Carnivore
8: Last Of The Giants: Neptune
9: Light Years
10: God Does Not Play Dice With The Universe
11: No Passing ( Otto & The Atom)
12: Last Night I Grew Tentacles (B) ​​

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