Stream Nick Hakim’s Debut EP, Where Will We Go Pt. 1

NickHakim_Credit_WilliamHacker2-504x400There was a time, all I wanted from music was complexity. The more an artist could incorporate into a song the more impressed I was. My brain, it turns out, can only hold so many ideas at once, and I find that as I get older this only gets truer. As a result I’ve grown to appreciate simplicity in music almost above all else. This is why, I think, I’ve fallen quite so hard for Nick Hakim. Where Will We Go Pt.1 is Hakim’s debut 5-track EP (it includes a mini intro to start), it features his previous singles “Pour Another” and “Cold” and “The Light” the latter two appeared online briefly before disappearing until now. The remaining track “Papa Fritas” is technically an interlude of sorts, but it works in tandem with “Intro” to elevate Where Will We Go Pt.1 from a mere tracklist into a musical project that flows seamlessly from beginning to end. It’s cloudy and grey this morning in London and this backdrop perfectly suits Hakim’s broken hearted soulful blues tinged music to a tee. He says of the EP:

“I was caught in a hazy gloom, alone in my room, filled up with booze while writing this music. I would write very early in the morning after nights of no sleep. Dunkin Donuts coffee was my friend. I would set up a mic, record, and later make sense of whatever came out.”

Nick Hakim’s debut EP Where Will We Go Pt.1 is out now via his own label Earseed Records, check it out below.

Definitely my record of the week….

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