Premiere: Josiah Wise Is The Serpent With Feet-BLACKMAGICKMONDAY NO. 1


Josiah Wise has been offering us little droplets of music for the past few years and since every new track of his doesn’t appear as often as we’d wish,  we couldn’t let this one pass! A week ago he released his (brilliant) new EP as a free download and now he’s announced a new weekly “#BLACKMAGICKMONDAY” series. This new track which he says is ” inspired by Brandy’s recent cover of Coldplay’s “Magic” and Brandy’s ” He Is”, experiments with the boundaries of soul music and wins with such an ease that will leave you excited for the next weeks instalment!

On Wise’s Soundcloud page, tags such as “gospel,” “industrial, ”pagan“and “Bjork” are used to describe the music. This grouping of sounds and influences may seem disjointed on the surface, but a quick listen to each track highlights his uniformly eclectic mindset. While no one song sounds similar to the next, they are united in their open approach to mashing genres and styles. Kudos to Josiah for creating something special here.

CF Smith

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