Audio: Today’s Spooky Black Raps


We’re playing catch up with the kid from St Paul known as Spooky Black. Although he has recently featured on our blog, with his guest spot alongside Bobby Raps for Psymun’s single Blind, we haven’t posted any of his own recent output. The young rapper with a liking for do-rags has been busy with a slew of excellent releases, a couple of which see him hooking up with Bobby Raps.

The ambient, hazy production provided by Bobby Raps works perfectly in tandem with Spooky Black’s smooth vocals and genius lyrical content that will leave you restless for more. We also recommend that you give a listen to “Black Silk” an album he put out on Bandcamp (which is unfortunately no longer available to download) in March, but you can find it on his soundcloud.

Below you can stream the highlights of his recent work and we’ll try to keep you up to speed with all things Spooky Black in the future.


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