Audio: God Knows and mynameisjOhn-Rusangano / Family


Following on from their collaboration last year on The Struggle EP, Limerick-based producer, mynameisjOhn and Shannon based MC, God Knows are back with what could possibly turn out to be the best Hip-Hop mixtape of the year ? Few have brought this much style and a willingness to experiment with grime, hip hop, soul and more in a very long time. As with the The Struggle EP’, these two are keen to keep things focused and continue on pushing buttons and boundaries. mynameisjOhn and God Knows channel the energy of grime, juke, electronic and hiphop to present their own unique miss-mash of noisy soul for the cranium. It’s a exceptional effort from the duo, who play with a multitude of elements – never letting the mix bag of styles escape in the overall effort. Take a listen to this unmissable 11-track tape that supplies a plethora of crisp beats and unique wordplay and demands re-listen, upon re-listen, upon re-listen. You can purchase the Rusangano/ Family here.

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