Audio: Adult Jazz- Spook


Take a listen to the sprawling and immersive, nearly 10 minute long, new song from Leeds-based indie-rock experimentalists quartet Adult Jazz. “Spook” is the lead track from the band’s forthcoming debut Gist Is out on August 4th via the band’s own label Spare Thought. Earlier this year the band made their debut with a double A-side single that featured two very promising tracks ‘Am Gone’ and ‘Springful’. Their new track is full of delightful chops and creative swirls much like that of Dirty Projectors, the skittering track jumps from beat to beat but never loses it’s cohesiveness over the 10 minute duration. Adult Jazz are a rarity in rock/indie music, able to explore numerous ideas in the space of a single song without it ever becoming unbearable or feeling overcrowded. Press play and give the record a listen, you never know, you may have found your favourite new band.


1. Hum
2. Am Gone
3. Springful
4. Donne Tongue
5. Pigeon Skulls
6. Spook
7. Idiot Mantra
8. Be A Girl
9. Bonedigger

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