Audio: BANKS- Goddess


LA songstress BANKS is currently touring the UK, at a recent show she premiered a new song entitled “Goddess”.By way of introduction to the song, she said “It’s so important for women to embrace themselves and feel like goddesses…the song’s called ‘Goddess’ because every woman is a fucking goddess.” 

Some empowering words and one that according to the singer, is at the core of her debut LP Goddess, which is due out on September 9th. On this new track we find BANKS collaborating once again with Lil Silva (previously, “This Is What It Feels Like“).

The two combine perfectly with BANKS calming sending out warning shots “fucking with the goddess and you get a little colder“, while Lil Silva weaves a flawless atmospheric production. Stream below so you can talk about how you liked her before she blew up like you do with Lorde.



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