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We put you on to Avriel Epps aka  when she put out her short but powerful song/video “Freedom”. Today she returns with a new song entitled “Caricatures” that reasserts Epps apparent thirst to combine thought provoking, sociopolitical lyricism with vividly shaped alt-R&B rearrangements. Her lyrical content stands as strong and proud as the sultry electronic production she effortlessly flows over. If you don’t quite get the meaning running through her words, not to worry as Epps publicly annotates her lyrics on Rapgenius and her Tumblr, helping the listening to fully understand the message’s that are being conveyed. In a recent interview with the New York Times , the raising star spoke about her songwriting:

“I’m always looking for different ways to pack meaning into my songwriting. At the heart of it, I just tell stories about my life, but I’m constantly asking myself, What better word can I choose here? or What double entendre or literary device can I construct here? I want to add layers for people who want to go deeper and look at it through an academic lens.”

“Caricatures” is the first song to be taken from her still untitled debut project. Hopefully the rest of the project carries the same promise as this and her earlier work – no word on a release date as yet, but we’ll let you know as and when.


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