Audio/Video: L.B.T- Magical Mystery Truck & Kicha Studio Session



We’ve been following the musical excursion of the Live Beat Tape collective , and it’s no surprise why we do, because every time they drop a new track, it’s always a bit special. If you’re not familiar with the crew ,the basic idea is to build songs from scratch in one long session with the use of mostly acoustic instruments. The collective is made up of members of the Raw Tapes family which includes the likes of Keren DunRejoicer ,Beno Hendler, Echo and more. Have a listen below and get with the freshest sound around. When your done listening you can watch the collective in session, recorded live at the Kicha Studio in Israel. Enjoy!


L.B.T – Kicha Studio Sessions


Amir Bresler (Drums)
Beno Hendler (Bass)
Nomok (Rhodes & Synth)
Rejoicer (Synth)
Asaf Shay (Sound)
Mo Rayon (Vocals)
Tamuz Dekel (Guitar)
KerenDun (Vocals)
Yudko (Sampler & Saxophone)
Rebel Sun (Vocals)
DJ Mesh (Turntable)
Echo (Vocals)

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