Listen To DonChristian’s Experimental R&B Mixtape Renzo Piano


Harlem-based rapper  debut mixtape The Wayfarer was one of our favourite’s from last year. Now he’s back with an new mixtape entitled Renzo Piano. The titled which takes its name from Italian architect Renzo Piano and also serves as the rappers more flamboyant alter-ego. The album takes it’s cue from lothario R&B exploring the emotional strain the music uses as a way to romance and lust. In addition to the alluring feel that the mixtape embodies, DonChristian regularly lets his delivery hang behind the beat or drops the music to a bare minimum, creating space like an architect. This project perfectly meshes moody, mellow,  sultry and soulful, this is what R&B sounds like when it’s made by a suave, smooth-ass architect. Listen to Renzo Piano in full, and download on the link.


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