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Belgium born, Brooklyn-based rapper Fore’s new single, “Hometown”, is the sound of someone that’s embraced so many different styles while living between four continents and who’s influences include Cocteau Twins, Nas and Amadou & Miriam. His music reflects his travels and a sense of being an outsider and always seeking a space to fit in and feel at home.

Undoubtedly, it was influenced by the setting in which it was conceived. With lyrics that paint a vivid picture of the struggles of being an immigrant in New York, “I’m a man, little did they know / A man without a country, little did they know” and the loneliness felt when he encountered the full force of the NYPD, who wrongly detained him over an expired visa – “Neglected to mention my visa suspension / I was sitting alone in detention”.

But it would be wrong to suggest that Fore should only be seen as  just an immigrant rapper, he’s a rapper period, who in a unique position having lead a nomadic life from the age of  four to speak on such issue that have shaped the young man he is today. ” Hometown” is taken from Fore’s forthcoming album entitled The Stranger.  Take a listen below and cop the free download.





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