Audio:The Buddy System Project- TBS 004 (compilation 1)


Back in January illustrious producer/remixer/deejay King Britt annouced that he had a new offering to the musical landscape. Having been a fan of Britt since hearing “When The Funk Hits the Fan” back in 1998, we’ve follow his career through dj sets,  countless remixes, recordings , film scores and various side projects including the recent Saturn Never Sleeps project/label he started with multimedia artist Rucyl.

Ever the constant explorer of genres and style’s, Britt is never one to stick to the same sound for long, preferring instead to experiment and push himself to be a true originator of originality. The idea for the series came about after Britt read an article by Trent Reznor,  the Nine Inch Nails frontman spoke about the lack of anonymity modern day artist have due to constantly revealing all on social media and thereby losing any mystique.

On this newly curated collaboration entitled “The Buddy System Project” , he’s taken a number of  previously unnamed artist and purposely taken them out of their normal element, enabling them to create music that they wouldn’t usually be associated with,  as he say’s “pushing sonics.”

Working here with the likes of indie rock duo Wish U Were Here,  vocalist Mocassin Blade, Saruhan Batur and longtime collaborator Rachel Claudio. It’s a fantastic eclectic 8 track compilation of experimental rumblers and otherworldly electronics.  Take a listen below and we’ll keep you posted on the next Buddy System project which is coming next month.

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