Video:Rae Morris-Do You Even Know

If IYES released the first esential of tune this week,then Rae Morris has just given us the second.Its a glittering pop number that despite it’s bleak lyrics is uplifting and joyous from start to finish.The singer spoke candidly about about video and the song,saying:

“I wanted people to be able to feel the discomfort and awkwardness of feeling misunderstood. I wanted people to see me as a mannequin shining on the outside but with the inside well hidden.

The end of the video is my favourite part.My figure, the static character, begins turning and spiralling out of control through a form of stop frame animation. At the end, the spiralling stops and I’m no longer in the chains of the statuesque stillness from before, but moving more freely and dancing.

To me, that symbolises an acceptance and shy confidence knowing that it doesn’t really matter if people know you or not…”

Watch above and be on the lookout for her debut EP entitled “Do You Even Know” which is out on May 6th. You can pre-order the EP over onĀ ITunes.



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