Video:L.B.T-How Come You Call (Kicha Studio Sessions)

We’re on a Raw Tapes tip this evening,and the quality keeps on coming,this time from the Live Beat Tape collective.This impromptu session was recorded at the Kicha studios and shows a host of the Raw Tapes household that will be featured on the Puzzles LP we spoke about eariler.A full length video of these session is in the pipeline,so keep tuning in for more updates.


Amir Bresler (Drums)
Beno Hendler (Bass)
Nomok (Rhodes & Synth)
Rejoicer (Synth)
Asaf Shay (Sound)
Mo Rayon (Vocals)
Tamuz Dekel (Guitar)
KerenDun (Vocals & Saxophone)
Yudko (Sampler & Saxophone)
Rebel Sun (Vocals)
DJ Mesh (Turntable)
Echo (Vocals)

CF Smith

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