Mac Demarco-Passing Out Pieces


The charming Canadian oddball Mac Demarco recently announced that his new album would be titled “Salad Days” and would be out in April. After the weird but fun pussy promo video we have the first single from DeMarco’s upcoming sophomore record, “Passing Out Pieces” a short but cool piece of indie-pop. Check out a stream of “Passing Out Pieces” and the LP’s tracklist down below.


  • 1. Salad Days
  • 2. Blue Boy
  • 3. Brother
  • 4. Let Her Go
  • 5. Goodbye Weekend
  • 6. Let My Baby Stay
  • 7. Passing Out Pieces
  • 8. Treat Her Better
  • 9. Chamber Of Reflection
  • 10. Go Easy
  • 11. Jonny’s Odyssey
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