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It’s been a few weeks since the first ‘Todays’ , but every one of these tunes is worth a bit of your time. Kicking off with the soulful afrobeat of “The Wheel” by We Are Shining,  we featured them a while back and they are ones to keep an eye out for in 2014.

Four Tet tunes in his radio with the excellent mash up of ” Kool FM”, a tribute to the long running former pirate radio station which is now in its 22nd year.A big tune on many a dance floor, check the rewind!

The Ex LOL Boy production member Jerome LOL released his debut EP last month and the track “Always ” is a firm favourite.A jazzy soulful affair with vocals provided by Sara Z.

Next up is the young SCNTST with the hypnotic and thumping ” For Forest Play Only”. The new sound coming outta Germany right now,SCNTST is the name to drop.

Jonwayne , The 22-year-old LA rapper has kept me hooked with his stunningly elusive Cassette series, and that continues with ” Rap Album One”,  his debut on Stones Throw Records. The rhymes are cleverly executed and the beats, mainly produced by Jonwayne himself,  provide the melodic boom-bap sonic sound he loves.

Last but definitely not least we have Ghostpoet with Young(ish) a specially composed ‘documentary song’ For the BBC4 Forever Young series.Its a gem of of track and even features David Cameron!

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