Electronic R&B

Listen: Men Among Boys – Rivers & Edge

London-based duo Men Among Boys have released a great new track entitled “Rivers”. The song is the latest to be lifted from their forthcoming EP, In Reverse, Rivers. Stirring in a slow-burning sound, “Rivers” is a four-minute number which sizzles underneath a minimal production. If you missed their recent track “Edge” (like we did) , then you can […]

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Experimental, Experimental R&B, Experimental Soul

Audio: Listen to Men Among Boys PurpleBlack

We recently introduced you all to secretive London R&B duo Men Among Boys. Their debut track, “Presence Of Man“, certainly caught our attention with it’s hypnotic tribal vibe that sent shivers all along the blogosphere. On their second track, “PurpleBlack,” the boys make quite a departure from the moody alt-R&B sound of their debut, it still very much experimental R&B, […]

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Experimental Soul

Audio:Men Among Boys- Presence of Man

We first caught wind of this track earlier in the week, then as is sometimes the way, got quickly swept up with the endless stream of music that comes our way. So without further ado, let us introduce secretive London R&B duo, Men Among Boys,  who have decided not to let you know who they are. […]

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